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Technovators Property and Construction Management is a firm that develops and manages real estate. We bring traditional construction practices and technology together. Our online platform allows clients to monitor project progress remotely. We are constantly in touch with our clients via the portal and email. Our team of tradesmen and construction specialists are ready to work with you.

Technovators Property and Construction Management was launched in 2014. We were initially strictly providing property management services. We have clients in England, South Africa and Australia. Their properties are all in Malawi and are managed by us. All the information they need regarding listing, lease agreements, inspections, rentals and maintenance is on the portal. We have 27 residential properties under our management.

In 2020 we decided we had enough capacity to venture into construction management. We now provide daily progress reports on construction projects to our clients remotely. Our team works with your budget and timeline to deliver all requirements as specified.

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